“20 Great Canadian Memoirs” Includes Solomon Ratt!

Obviously it’s exciting to see a bilingual Cree/English book reach the Canadian mainstream, but the inclusion of Solomon Ratt in yesterday’s list of “Great Canadian Memoirs” from CBC Books seems especially sweet. You can see the full list, including CBC radio interviews with each author, here: https://www.cbc.ca/books/20-great-canadian-memoirs-to-read-now-1.6949947.

For this post, I’ve borrowed CBC’s article “thumbnail” of the collected book covers so I can make a record of how Solomon’s book cover (in the bottom row) is actually touching Pamela Anderson’s book cover (immediately above). Eeeeeeeeee!

In case you haven’t already seen or heard about Sol’s book that includes so many beautiful pieces he’s shared with us here at Cree Literacy Network over the years, here’s a link to the publisher, University of Regina Press.

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