Pat Bruderer: Biting Back at Winnipeg’s Urban Shaman

Thanks to Pat Bruderer for bringing her beautiful birchbark biting to show at Winnipeg’s Urban Shaman Gallery this month. Her installation is titled, “Biting Back: Our Cultural Resilience.” It was an honour for me to talk with her about her work – along with fellow Peter Ballantyne band member Samara Harp. David McLeod of NCI Radio was there, too (always at the coolest events), preparing one of his trademark iPhone video interviews, and he kindly agreed to share it here.
Pat Bruderer | Biting Back: Our Cultural Resilience
Runs until March 16, 2024
Urban Shaman Gallery
203 – 290 McDermot, Winnipeg
As Pat told Dave, “I feel a great responsibility as a carrier of this traditional art form as well as for the teachings it holds which are many. I’m a mother, kohkom to many and my relationships continue to thrive. Through cultural resilience, I bite back.” Seeing so many of her pieces labelled bilingually in English and Cree is another element of the presentation that makes us beam, as she uses her platform to promote linguistic resilience as well.

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