Am I Small? – Cree-Bilingual edition by Solomon Ratt (y-dialect)

In honour of UNESCO’s World Book Day, Solomon Ratt offers this video of his own Cree translation of Philipp Winterberg’s Am I Small? “A world children’s book for every country on the planet.” 

Winterberg’s website offers a list of over 200 languages that already have their own editions. The book is now also available in thousands of language combinations, such as Arabic-Tagalog or Portuguese-Tigrinya.

On Amazon, you will find over 200 editions, in over 200 different languages, but here’s a link to the one in Cree, to help speed up the hunt!)

Winterberg expresses a wish that the book will eventually be offered in over 500 languages. I hope that message gets through to the Dené-Sułine Early Childhood Educators I spoke with this week. Here’s a book ready and waiting for your help to prepare a new translation, and it’s perfect for talking to very little kids about big and small!

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