Great Cree Book Selection in Saskatoon

Thanks to Peter from Saskatoon’s Turning the Tide Bookstore for supporting the second YXE Cree Speakers Society Conference with a fabulous selection of books in Cree for readers of all ages. The conference was held at Dakota Dunes Resort this week. I felt like a kid with trading cards, going along the table: “Gottem, gottem, wantem, needem.” And of course I was thrilled to see so many books that I’ve lent a hand one way or another, all in Standard Roman Orthography.

CBC’s Strombo Show has named Turning the Tide among “10 beloved bookstores from coast-to-coast”. The store made a special name for itself delivering books in Saskatoon during Covid. They continue to provide delivery in Saskatoon, but also online ordering of really good books.

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