Solomon Ratt Tells Stories in Norway

This summer, Solomon Ratt is taking his storytelling to Norway, but the rest of us can still register for free and check in on him via streaming. 

Transmitting the Intangible is the title of this a two-day hybrid event hosted in Oslo, blending both online and offline components and featuring presentations, performances, and discussions. It is being held in conjunction with In conjunction with the ten-year mark of Future Library, an anthology to be printed in 2114 on paper made from trees yet to be harvested.  Be sure to check the full schedule for other highlights – and for updates. 

Date: May 27th – 28th, 2024
Admission: Free (registration required)
Venue: Nordic Black Theater (Oslo, Norway) and Online (live streaming)

The event’s welcome page reads in part (click to find the description in full):

Art and other cultural manifestations produced today increasingly expose the limits of prevailing approaches to conservation, archiving and collections management rooted in European, settler colonialist ontologies and epistemologies. These tend to privilege objects that can be physically or digitally collected, often overlooking networks of human and more-than-human relations and other cultural expressions and forms of knowledge that evade capture and domination by Western museological apparatuses of acquisition and archiving.

Sol’s talk is scheduled for 1:15 pm Central European Summer Time.
He asked me to provide time conversion for friends who might like to catch him live:  

1:15 pm in Oslo (CEST) is:
12:15 pm in Edinburgh
9:15 am in Guam
7:15 in Ottawa
6:15 am in Manitoba 
5:15 am in Saskatchewan and Alberta
4:15 am in Vancouver

Be sure to register for the conference (free) to get the livestreaming YouTube link. 

Sol’s bio from the conference program: 

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