Storytelling Amongst the Moose Cree

Congratulations to the whole Cree language reclamation community at Moose Factory, Ontario, led Geraldine Govender and Dr Kevin Brousseau. Together they are celebrating the completion of another exciting new book: ᑳ ᑎᐹᒋ ᒧᓈᓂᐗᐦᑭᐸᓐ ᐌᔥᑲᒡ ᒨᓱᓃᐎᒃᓕᓖᓃᐦᒃ [Storytelling Amongst the Moose Cree]. The book includes 56 folktales and stories gathered over a period of one hundred years at Moose Factory. 

Compiled for the first time as a single volume, and published under Brousseau’s impeccable editorship, these stories are presented faithfully in Moose Cree (and only in Cree!) as told by the storytellers themselves. Accompanied by 20 illustrations by Melissa Sanderson of Mosakahiken Cree Nation, this book is a cultural treasure that is sure to please young and old alike. 

For Brousseau, the book is the result of six years of painstaking work in the moments between full-time medical clinic obligations, and preparing a several new dictionaries for publication. That’s countless precious evening and weekend hours of meticulous transcription, research, and editing.

While the book contains a story written as early as 1881 (by an unnamed writer) most of the stories are gathered from the work of two linguists. Truman Michelson left notebooks from his visit to Moose Factory in 1935 and 1936; Deborah James made audio recordings during her visit in 1980. Repatriating these stories for the use of their home community makes this book a true cultural treasure.

Ordering instructions will be added to this post as they’re available. But if you’d like more information, please leave a comment on this post, and your contact information will be forwarded to Brousseau and Govender for follow up).

Copies may also be available for sale in the coming weeks through – another place to watch! 


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