wâhwâ! kimahihcihinân!

So very proud of Dorothy, winner of the 2012 University of Alberta 2012 Alumni Horizon Award.

The award citation reads:

  • Dorothy Thunder, ’02 BA(Native Studies)
    Horizon Award

    Dorothy Thunder is helping keep the Cree language alive through her dedication and hard work. Dorothy, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in linguistics with the goal of producing a corpus of the Cree language, is a highly regarded Cree language teacher who bridges the gap between academia and the community. Dorothy contributed to the team translating Father Émile Grouard’s 1883 Cree prayer book into modern Cree and English. That work resulted in the publication The Beginning of Print Culture in Athabasca Country, which was recently named Alberta’s scholarly book of the year. Having spent years creating a set of textbooks for Cree language classrooms, Dorothy is now developing an online version of her courses. (Awarded in 2012)


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