Santa Claus wi-takosin / Santa Claus is Coming to Town

(from Dolores Sand’s CD, manitowi-kîsikâw)

ēkāwiya māto
ēkāwiya kisiwāsi,
Santa Claus wī-takosin

kikiskēyimik ē-nipāyan
ēkwa ēkāy ē-nipāyan
kā-macāyiwicik mina
kahkiyaw kiskēyimēw

tahto aniki kā-macāyiwicik
Santa Claus wī-takosin

Image: Cover of Jesse T. Hummingbird’s Native American Night Before Christmas

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  1. Hi Arden, this year our school is being renovated and all my cree stuff is in storage and also my cd’s, therefore I cannot readily locate it, can you post the link to this song? My grade 4 class is singing this song for our concert. Thank you

    1. Can you let me know if it works now?
      You can also type “chipmunk” into the search field (click the magnifying glass) – open the original post (from 2012) where the broken bit was fixed.
      And have fun!

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