More songs for kids: This Old Man / awa kisêyiniw

Thanks to Ness Michaels of Sunshine Records, for permission to post this audio recording. See purchase details below.
The recording is in Swamy Cree (n-dialect). The following Plains Cree (y-dialect) text is from the collection of Dolores Sand. Plains Cree translation by Ida McLeod and Freda Ahenakew

awa kiyiniw kī-tawēw
kī-tawēw nimiscihcān
kī-asamēw acimosisa
awa kisēyiniw kī-kīwetīhtipīw

awa kisēyiniw kī-mētawēw
kī-mētawākēw nimaskisin
kī-asamēw acimosisa
awa kisēyiniw kī-kīwetīhtipīw

awa kisēyiniw kī-mētawēw
kī-mētāwēw mohcihtakāhk
kī-asamēw acimosisa
awa kisēyiniw kī-kīwētīhtipīw

awa kisēyiniw kī-mētawēw
kī-mētawākēw āmō wacistwan
kī-asamēw acimosisa
awa kisēyiniw kī-kīwētīhtipīw

This old man, he played one
He played knick-knack on my thumb
With a knick knack paddywack, give a dog a bone
This old man came rolling home.

… on my shoe
… on the floor
… on the beehive

Freda and her great friend and mentor Ida worked together to produce Plains Cree versions of songs that had been recorded for the n-dialect in Norway House. Ken Paupanekis says “This Old Man” – in Cree – is still played on the radio regularly at Norway House in honour of birthdays!

The recording posted here and 17 others (all in the n-dialect) was made by Ruby Beardy of Norway House and Victoria McLeod of Cross Lake. It was published in 2002 by Sunshine Records, and can be purchased directly, or through iTunes:

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