Looking ahead to 2017: Solomon Ratt’s New Calendar

The never-idle Solomon Ratt has just provided two versions of his 2017 calendar: One for y- and th-dialects, the other for n- and th-dialects.

Y- and Th-Dialect Version: https://creeliteracy.org/?attachment_id=4866

N- and Th-Dialect Version: https://creeliteracy.org/?attachment_id=4867

You can download whichever suits you best and even have the pdf printed for your personal or classroom use with Sol’s best wishes and those of the Cree Literacy Network.

For those (like me) who prefer a more “flying pantses” style of planning, I have also scheduled month-by-month calendar posts (from the y-/th- version of the calendar) to be posted on the Cree Literacy Network just in time for the first of each month.

If you like, you can even receive an email alerting you to new CLN blog posts (including those calendar pages, right on time) by adding your email address on the right of this screen under “Subscribe to Cree Literacy Network”.

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