miyo-tipiska – Happy birthday!

Birthdays: Everyone’s got one!

Someone special  is celebrating their birthday today (maybe that someone is you!) so it seems like a good time to gather up some good birthday words in Cree to pass along via Facebook, or better yet, with a big hug in real life.

miyo-tipiska is a fairly direct translation of the English.

ka-wî-miyo-tipiskên “may you have a good birthday” is a little gentler.

If you’d like to sing the traditional birthday song, here is one version in y-dialect (change the y to n or th for other dialects, and you should be ready for anything!)


A few more useful birthday words in Cree from nêhiyawêwin : itwêwina / Cree : Words

Finally, there are some really great Cree-style birthday songs from Youtube – even if they are sung in English.

First from Northern Cree (a classic!)

Not sure who these guys are, but it’s another great birthday song!

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