All about Ducks – y-dialect

Following up on Mary Cardinal’s terrific tongue-twister, here’s a collection of duck terms extracted from the online itwêwina dictionary, with a couple of extras provided by Solomon Ratt. 

âhtahow ᐋᐦᑕᐦᐅᐤfly to another place
amiskosip ᐊᒥᐢᑯᓯᑊwood duck; literally: beaver duck
apiscisipis ᐊᐱᐢᒋᓯᐱᐢteal duck
asêhâw ᐊᓭᐦᐋᐤfly back, fly backwards
asêkocin ᐊᓭᑯᒋᐣfly back, fly backwards, go backwards
atimihâw ᐊᑎᒥᐦᐋᐤfly away
ayakaskikotêw ᐊᔭᑲᐢᑭᑯᑌᐤhave a broad nose; have a broad beak
ca-cahkacahikêsiw ᒐᒐᐦᑲᒐᐦᐃᑫᓯᐤgive little pecks with its beak
cahkataham ᒐᐦᑲᑕᐦᐊᒼpoke at s.t. with its beak; poke at s.t. with a stick ;; play bingo
cahkatahikêw ᒐᐦᑲᑕᐦᐃᑫᐤpoke at things with its beak; poke at things with a stick ;; play bingo
cahkatahwêw ᒐᐦᑲᑕᐦᐍᐤpoke s.o. with a beak or stick
cimikotêw ᒋᒥᑯᑌᐤhave a short nose; have a short beak
ispâhkêkocin ᐃᐢᐹᐦᑫᑯᒋᐣfly up into the air
ispihâw ᐃᐢᐱᐦᐋᐤfly there
ispîhtakotêw ᐃᐢᐲᐦᑕᑯᑌᐤfly so far
itakocin ᐃᑕᑯᒋᐣhang thus or there, be suspended thus or there; fly thus or there, travel
itakotêw ᐃᑕᑯᑌᐤhang thither or thus; fly thither or thus
itiskwêkotêw ᐃᑎᐢᑵᑯᑌᐤhang with head in such a position; fly with its head that way
iyinisip ᐃᔨᓂᓯᑊmallard duck
iyinisipisᐃᔨᓂᓯᐱᐢmallard duckling
kâh-kwîwîstahâw ᑳᐦᑹᐑᐢᑕᐦᐋᐤKahkewistahaw; Cree chief, signatory to Treaty 4; literally: He Flies Encircling
kâhkâkîsip ᑳᐦᑳᑮᓯᑊcormorant, crow duck
kâhkâkîsipis ᑳᐦᑳᑮᓯᐱᐢyoung cormorant, young crow duck
kaskitêsip ᑲᐢᑭᑌᓯᑊblack duck
kînikwâyowêwisip ᑮᓂᒁᔪᐍᐏᓯᑊspoonbill duck; pintail duck; literally: point-tailed duck
kinokotêw ᑭᓄᑯᑌᐤhave a long nose; have a long beak
kisîkocin ᑭᓰᑯᒋᐣfly fast, speed along
kîwêhâw ᑮᐍᐦᐋᐤfly back; fly home, go home by plane
mahkikotêw ᒪᐦᑭᑯᑌᐤhave a large nose; have a large beak
mihkostikwânêwisip ᒥᐦᑯᐢᑎᒁᓀᐏᓯᑊred-headed duck
mikot ᒥᑯᐟnose; beak
misi-sîsîp ᒥᓯ ᓰᓰᑊlarge duck
misikwayawêwisip ᒥᓯᑿᔭᐍᐏᓯᑊcanvasback duck; literally: big-necked duck
mitahtahkwanᒥᑕᐦᑕᐦᑿᐣa wing
nâpêsip ᓈᐯᓯᑊdrake, male duck
nawakipayihow ᓇᐘᑭᐸᔨᐦᐅᐤduck his/her own head, bend down quickly
nawataham ᓇᐘᑕᐦᐊᒼhit s.t. in mid-air, as it flies by
nawatahwêw ᓇᐘᑕᐦᐍᐤhit s.o. in mid-air, as it flies by
ńîkihcanakwêwisip ńᐄᑭᐦᒐᓇᑵᐏᓯᑊblue wing duck
nôsêsip ᓅᓭᓯᑊfemale duck
ôcinîwihêsiw ᐆᒋᓃᐏᐦᐁᓯᐤduck hawk
ohpahow ᐅᐦᐸᐦᐅᐤfly up, rise, fly away, fly from its perch
ohpihâw ᐅᐦᐱᐦᐋᐤfly up
ohpwênam ᐅᐦᐻᓇᒼmake s.t. fly up
ohpwênêw ᐅᐦᐻᓀᐤmake s.o. fly up
ohtakocin ᐅᐦᑕᑯᒋᐣfly from there, fall from there; arrive by water from there
okotᐅᑯᐟhis/her nose, beak
osâwisip ᐅᓵᐏᓯᑊbrown duck, yellow duck [also used as a personal name]
oski-wâwi ᐅᐢᑭ ᐚᐏfresh egg
otahtahkwanᐅᑕᐦᑕᐦᑿᐣhis/her wing
owacistwaniwᐅᐘᒋᐢᑢᓂᐤhave a nest
papâmihâmakan ᐸᐹᒥᐦᐋᒪᑲᐣfly about
papâmihâw ᐸᐹᒥᐦᐋᐤfly around, about
pâskaham ᐹᐢᑲᐦᐊᒼbreak s.t. open, e.g., an egg
pâskâpatahwêw ᐹᐢᑳᐸᑕᐦᐍᐤput out s.o.'s eye by stick or beak
pêcihâw ᐯᒋᐦᐋᐤcome flying, fly toward
pîhcihâw ᐲᐦᒋᐦᐋᐤfly inside
pîhtokêhâw ᐲᐦᑐᑫᐦᐋᐤfly in
pîhtokêkocin ᐲᐦᑐᑫᑯᒋᐣfly in, fall in
pîhtokwêhâw ᐲᐦᑐᑵᐦᐋᐤfly in
pîhtokwêkocin ᐲᐦᑐᑵᑯᒋᐣfly inside, come flying inside
pîhtokwêpihâw ᐲᐦᑐᑵᐱᐦᐋᐤfly inside, enter by flying
pimakocin ᐱᒪᑯᒋᐣfly past; move along, go by; work, be in working order
pimakotêw ᐱᒪᑯᑌᐤfly past; run along, operate, work, be in working order
pimihâmakan ᐱᒥᐦᐋᒪᑲᐣfly
pimihâw ᐱᒥᐦᐋᐤfly, fly along
sâpohâw ᓵᐳᐦᐋᐤfly through a pane of glass; fly right past without stopping
sâpowêyawihow ᓵᐳᐍᔭᐏᐦᐅᐤfly through the body
sêsêsiw ᓭᓭᓯᐤsnipe; snow snipe; long legged duck; yellow legs, plover; water bird
sihkihp ᓯᐦᑭᐦᑊwater hen, hell-diver, diver duck, coot
sîpâpayihow ᓰᐹᐸᔨᐦᐅᐤduck under
sipwêkocin ᓯᐻᑯᒋᐣfly off, depart flying; leave by water or air
sîsîp ᓰᓰᑊduck
sîsîp-sâkahikanihk ᓰᓰᑊ ᓵᑲᐦᐃᑲᓂᕽDuck Lake, SK; literally: at duck lake
sîsîp-wâwi ᓰᓰᑊ ᐚᐏduck egg
sîsîp-wâwi ᓰᓰᑊ ᐚᐏduck egg
sîsîpak tohkiciskêwakᓰᓰᐸᐠ ᑐᐦᑭᒋᐢᑫᐘᐠducks with their asses in the air
sîsipak tohkiciskêwi-mîcisowakᓰᓰᐸᐠ ᑐᐦᑭᒋᐢᑫᐏᒦᒋᓱᐘᐠducks eating with their asses in the air
sîsîpasiniya ᓰᓰᐸᓯᓂᔭduck shot
sîsîpi- ᓰᓰᐱduck, pertaining to a duck
sîsîpi-mîcimâpoy ᓰᓰᐱ ᒦᒋᒫᐳᕀduck soup
sîsîpi-pîway ᓰᓰᐱ ᐲᐘᕀduck feathers, duck-down
sîsîpis ᓰᓰᐱᐢsmall duck
takahkâciwasomêw ᑕᑲᐦᑳᒋᐘᓱᒣᐤboil s.o. well, e.g., duck
takwâkisip ᑕᒁᑭᓯᑊfall duck
tapahtakocin ᑕᐸᐦᑕᑯᒋᐣfly low, hang low
taskamihâw ᑕᐢᑲᒥᐦᐋᐤfly across
wacistwanihkêwᐘᒋᐢᑢᓂᐦᑫᐤbuild a nest
wâhkos ᐚᐦᑯᐢfish egg
wâkicânêw ᐚᑭᒑᓀᐤhave a curved nose or beak
wâsahacaskwêsiw ᐚᓴᐦᐊᒐᐢᑵᓯᐤfrog eater duck
wâsakâhâw ᐚᓴᑳᐦᐋᐤsoar around
wâsakâmêpihâw ᐚᓴᑳᒣᐱᐦᐋᐤfly in a circle
wâskâkocin ᐚᐢᑳᑯᒋᐣfly in a circle
wâwâhkânikana ᐚᐚᐦᑳᓂᑲᓇcrushed egg shell
wâwâkan ᐚᐚᑲᐣegg shell
wâwâsakâpihâw ᐚᐚᓴᑳᐱᐦᐋᐤfly in circles, circle overhead
wâwi ᐚᐏegg
wâwis ᐚᐏᐢsmall egg
wayawîhâw ᐘᔭᐑᐦᐋᐤfly out; fly out of a cage, fly outside
wayawîkocin ᐘᔭᐑᑯᒋᐣfly out
wayawîkotin ᐘᔭᐑᑯᑎᐣfly out; be flung out
wâyinokotêw ᐚᔨᓄᑯᑌᐤfly back, come back
wîmâhâw ᐑᒫᐦᐋᐤfly by a detour
yîkihcanakwêwisip ᔩᑭᐦᒐᓇᑵᐏᓯᑊblue wing duck

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