Master-Apprentice Michif Language Program

Thanks to Heather Souter – and congratulations – as she helps launch this new Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program in Dauphin. Read the full story from the Brandon Sun here:

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  1. Tansi,
    Is this language program still happening? I am desperately looking for a Michif teacher.
    hey hey
    Carol Fraser

  2. Hello i am a cree indian misipawstick cree nation.
    my cree is not good but i was wondering how you say , Yoy are my jam.

    1. Hi Garnet, I could give you a word for “jam” – but it would mean either something you spread on bread, or maybe an action (like jamming your toe in the door). “Jam” in this case is an idiom in English, and there’s another post on this site that explains why idioms just don’t translate well. You’ll find it here: Bottom line: you need to think about what it means in English when you say, “you are my jam” and think about a more literal translation.

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