Cree: Language of the Plains – Free Downloads – with audio by Jean Okimâsis

Exciting news for Cree language learners, through the generosity of Dr Jean Okimâsis and University of Regina Press. 

Not only is Jean’s classic textbook now available for free download in “Open Textbook” format, it is now also available in free Audio format, read by author (and Cree Literacy Network Honorary Founder) Dr Jean Okimâsis herself. Now we can all read along while listening to Jean’s exquisite pronunciation.

From the University of Regina Press: Cree: Language of the Plains Audio Sessions presents for the first time in podcast form an introductory course on one of the most important and widely spoken Indigenous languages in North America. Listen and speak along with distinguished Cree scholar and linguist Jean L. Okimāsis as she teaches you the fundamentals of her native language over the course of 20 sessions.

  1. Follow this link to download the free textbook:
  2. Follow this link to download the free accompanying workbook:
  3. Follow this link to listen chapter-by-chapter in podcast format.


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  1. Vanessa, you can listen to lab workbook on Google podcasts – search for the book title – works great 🙂

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