nikâwiy and awâsis: New Cree names for a planet and a star

Thanks to Alberta teacher Amanda Green and Wilfred Buck and the International Astronomical Union, Star HD 136418 is now officially named “Nikawiy“, which is the Cree word for “mother”, and planet HD 136418b is now officially known as “Awasis“, the Cree word for “child” Read the IAU’s version of the story here.

The Weather Network provides a great write-up at:

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Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, launched in 2010 with the goal of creating Cree language literacy materials suitable for use by learners of all ages.
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  1. Starchild says:

    Okay, this is the first time I see this. I would have loved to participate. There are Aboriginal people who studied astrophysics, general astronomy and other types of astronomy, but I took it for my translation work in Cree. Pisim is sun, each planet has names according to its make-up of rock, gases and it should not be standardized yet, without national review for more input and acceptance. It’s a super idea. I am working on a website of Cree astronomy for my area, work in progress.

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