kitaskinaw: Art Napoleon (Northern y-dialect)

Thanks, Art, for letting us share this feel-good song about connection to “Our land” and its beauty. Thanks for providing transcription, too, for those of us who love to sing along. 

wâcistakâc kiyânaw
miywâsin kitaskînaw
kitimâkinaw kikâwînaw
miywâsin ôma kitaskînaw

vocables & instrumental

tâpwê kiyânaw
miywâsin kitaskînaw
nâkatêyim kikâwînaw
nâkatêyihta ôma kitaskînaw**

(* Note that the transcription corrects a couple of minor grammatical errors in the recording). 

(** Art says: “This should properly be an inanimate form: ‘nâkatihta ôma kitaskînaw,’ but I took artistic license to use an animate form here, as we do in many of our prayers”).

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