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  1. I would like to recieve the plains cree video and language. I use in my classroom with my students.
    Please send my poster that have cree as we say through out the day . I have been putting up the cree 101 words in my class.

    1. Thanks, Sheila – there was an error in the first post, but it’s fixed now.
      You’re always welcome to download material from this site and reprint it for classroom use.
      I’ve also edited the list into a PDF printable, so you can print (for reference) or read along.

  2. So much gratitude for these posts during this time. I don’t know if you take any requests but I would so love to learn a simple prayer to say when doing my short three times a day medicine ceremony (with cedar) at this very intense time! kinanaskomitin!

      1. Thank you sooooo much! This is perfect! I have already started to learn it and use it in my prayers with the medicines. It will be a while before I can do it all in nêhiyawêwin but I will persevere. I am using the ‘y’ dialect even though I am muskegowuk because it seems to be the one that my ear is most attuned to. Thanks again. <3

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