2021 Calendar: Solomon Ratt, y- and th-dialects

2021 Cree Calendar – A gift for all of us from Solomon Ratt.

Click here to download a copy you can print for yourself! Cree Language Calendar 2021

Note that the PDF pages are designed for legal size paper (8.5×14″). We like to ask the printer for 24lb paper, and add a spiral binding across the top.

Besides the PDF for download, we are also presenting the calendar as a gallery of individual pages:

  • Click on the forward and back arrows to find the month you want;
  • Click on the image to view it at full size.

You can also listen as Sol reads the the text shown on various calendar pages in the following audio file. Both y- and th-dialect variants are included.

If you scroll past the page images, you will also find recordings of standard calendar terms, including months, days of the week and moon phases (in y- and th-dialects).

Here are helpful pronunciation guides:

Months (y-dialect)

Days of the week (y-dialect)

Months (th-dialect)

Days of the week (th-dialect)

Moon phases (the same in both dialects)

2 Responses

  1. Hi there
    I have used your Cree information for each month to describe the significance of each month. I am a school guidance counselor. I find that this will be very useful in talking with some of my youth that are struggling with their own crisis. Im using a teaching tool.
    Thank you
    Peggy Harper
    Onion Lake Saskatchewan

  2. Hi nitotīm,
    Great work to put the seasons as they change on a calendar for all those who want to understand the things that happen monthly.
    I’d like to offer you a gift just to teach u if r students how to say each month and what happens based on my family’s experience.

    Joseph your brother and cousin etc

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