Sweet Talk for your Valentine (Andrea Custer)

Andrea Custer has promised us 14 days of sweet nothings to whisper on Valentine’s Day (virtually, or within your safe bubble, of course!), and she’s given permission to share them, too. (Solomon Ratt has reminded us they should also come with a warning: Actual results may vary!)

The audio clips are presented in the order of her posts, with separate recordings for y- and th-dialects. You can pause the slide-show and find the appropriate audio file. The changes from y- to th-dialect are almost insignificant in most of these examples. Sometimes (but not always), the y sound becomes th (in th-dialect). And ê-vowel (which is never used in th-dialect) changes to i or î.

I will continue to add to this post and this gallery, to collect them all in one handy spot. (You can also find previous Cree Literacy Valentines here.)

1. You are cute. (y-dialect, th-dialect)

2. Kiss me. (y-dialect, th-dialect)

3. I’m crazy for you. (y-dialect, th-dialect)

4. Hold my hand (y-dialect, th-dialect)

5. I love you (dialect neutral)

6. nîcimos (y-dialect, th-dialect)

7. Warm me up (dialect neutral)

8. Marry me (y-dialect, th-dialect)

9. Phone me (y-dialect, th-dialect)

10. Beautiful (y-dialect, th-dialect)

11. Handsome (y-dialect, th-dialect)

12. You & Me

13. Come here (y-dialect, th-dialect, n-dialect)

14. Love wins (y- & n-dialects, th-dialect)

[Audio to follow]

15. No boss (single!) (y-dialect, n-dialect, th-dialect)

[Audio to follow]

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