Happy Father’s Day 2021

Four generations of Greyeyes men: Harold (left), Hal (right), Steven (centre), and Liam (small). Happy Father’s Day, to all of you, and to all of the other fathers.

Use the plural (k) if you’re speaking to more than one father:

  • miyo-ohtâwîmâwi-kîsikanisi(k)   (y-dialect)
  • mino-ohtâwîmâwi-kîsikanisi(k)   (n-dialect)
  • mitho-ohtâwîmâwi-kîsikanisi(k)   (t-dialect)

Some speakers read these greetings like imperatives (ordering people around). They prefer forms like the following. These ones mean, “May you have a happy father’s day” (add the plural (âwâw) for if you’re speaking to more than one father)

  • ka-wî-miyo-ohtâwîmâwi-kîsikanisin(âwâw)
  • ka-wî-mino-ohtâwîmâwi-kîsikanisin(âwâw)
  • ka-wî-mitho-ohtâwîmâwi-kîsikanisin(âwâw)

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