Vowel and Consonant Sounds for Reading Cree in SRO & Syllabics: Solomon Ratt (most dialects)

Learning to read in Cree? Here are two really helpful charts from the FNU classroom of Solomon Ratt that have helped hundreds of students learn the sounds of Cree – whether in Standard Roman Orthography or in Syllabics by using real, familiar Cree words as examples. You don’t ever need to waste your time with what the letters sound like in English: just learn the sounds of Cree. And if you’re not already familiar with the Cree words that illustrate the sounds, he has even provided audio files, so you can listen and copy his example. 

Some Cree words illustrating SRO consonant sounds: 

Ready to level up?

Intermediate: Find an introduction to reading SRO here. 

Advanced: Download your own copy of How to Spell it in Cree (the entire Wolvengrey & Okimâsis spelling book) – it’s free.

Thanks to Darlene E. Robert for permission to photoshop her beadwork for this image (all imperfections are mine!) Fans of Solomon’s Karaoke performances may recognize it as Sol’s Singin’ hatband. 

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