Wayne Jackson: re-Cree-ates Clapton’s “Cocaine”

Wayne Jackson brings a Cree kohkom’s work ethic to Clapton’s classic tune, and it’s hilarious.
Even Weird Al Yankovic would be impressed.
I just wish I could understand all of the comments through the break.

Thanks, Wayne, as always, for doing what you do (and for letting us all share) – and bonus points for whoever can catch all the “sotto voce”/background comments. I’m sure there’s a number of really good ones in there.
(You can also find it on YouTube)

ninohtê-môwâw pahkwêsikan nôhkom
kahkî-osihâw sêmâk ôta nôhkom?
osihêw, osihêw, osihêw, nôhkom

mîcimâpoy kitosihtân nôhkom?
ê-pêtamâtân awa wâpos nôhkom
osihêw, osihêw, osihêw, nôhkom


kipêtamâtin sîsîpak, nôhkom
paskopicikêw kapê-tipisk nôhkom
paskopitêw, paskopitêw, paskopitêw, nôhkom

nêstosiw, nêstosiw, nêstosiw, nôhkom

My very loose translation (please let me know if it needs fixing.)

I want to eat bannock, kohkom.
Can you make some right away, kohkom?
She makes it, she makes it, she makes it, kohkom.

Are you making soup, kohkom?
I brought you this rabbit, kohkom.
She makes it, she makes it, she makes it, kohkom.

I brought you these ducks, kohkom
pluck them all night, kohkom
She plucks them, she plucks them, she plucks them, kohkom.

She is tired, she is tired, she is tired, kohkom.

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