Speaking Cree in the Home: Belinda Daniels & Andrea Custer H. Clarke

This weekend, listen to CBC Saskatchewan weekend show for Shauna Powers’ interview with Belinda Daniels and Andrea Custer H. Clarke as they prepare to launch their new book, nêhiyawêtân kîkinâhk / Speaking Cree in the Home: A Beginner’s Guide for Families, published by University of Regina Press. As Belinda writes on Facebook, “We are talking our new book, the idea, the process and living the experiences.”
Congratulations are due to Belinda and Andrea as authors, but also to Solomon Ratt who wrote the foreword, and the fabulous Lana Whiskyjack who provided illustrations. This book represents yet another important step in Cree language revitalization, equipping parents for language acquisition in the home.
The URP website offers reviews from three familiar Cree language warriors, who seem unanimous in their approval:

“This is a welcome book for all who are interested in learning the Cree language, either for themselves alone or for themselves and their families. The book offers good guidance on the best practices in language learning based on the authors’ personal experiences in their respective language journeys.” —Solomon Ratt, author of mâci-nêhiyawêwin / Beginning Cree

“A major contribution, this book will be a useful resource in Cree classes, at both high school and university levels. But it is also useful for home use, as it describes the practical application of speaking Cree in the home and provides in an easy-to-read format and details a hands-on approach too.” —Dorothy Thunder (Plains Cree, Little Pine First Nation), Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta

“The activity-based learning lessons that are presented here should serve as a model not only for teaching the language in a family setting, but in any other formal and informal settings, because they cover all aspects of teaching and learning; the content, variety of methods, appropriate timing and setting. . . . The pioneering in Cree language acquisition and revival has begun and hopefully this book reaches all interested individuals.” —Ken Paupanekis, author of Pocket Cree: A Phrasebook for Nearly All Occasions

Orders: You can pre-order right now in paperback from University of Regina Press or from Indigo (where they are offering paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats.
In-person Book Launch: Of course, you can’t beat the fun of schmoozing and getting your copy direct from the authors, so mark your calendar for November 3, and see the poster below for details:

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