We Belong to the Drum / mistikwaskihk kitipêyimikonaw (y-dialect)

Over the last several years, we’ve been pleased to work with Orca Books to help prepare beautiful books for kids that are bilingual in Plains Cree and English, and carefully produced in SRO. It’s a pleasure to announce yet another title in this collection, written by Sandra Lamouche, illustrated by Azby Whitecalf, and translated into Plains Cree by Dolores Greyeyes Sand, with additional translation by Jean Okimāsis and Arok Wolvengrey; Cree text edited by the Cree Literacy Network.

There are lots of good places to order (including GoodMinds and even Amazon), but at Orca Books, you’ll find some great preview images (https://www.orcabook.com/We-Belong-to-the-Drum-mistikwaskihk-kitip%c3%aayimikonaw). You’ll also find a PDF edition of the poster shown here (use this link for the free download) that would make a great classroom resource.  The poster gives a very elementary introduction to possessive pronouns and kinship terms – as they’re used in the book, and as they’re used in ordinary speech.

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