Cree Dual-language Books for Kids from Orca (y-dialect)

Happy International Literacy Day 2023!

A recent post about a new Plains Cree/English title from Orca Book Publishers reminded me that we have never presented a full list of the Cree Dual-language Kids’ Books that members of the Cree Literacy Network have translated and/or edited. Now’s the time!*

We believe, like many of our Elders, that the Cree language is sacred. We show our respect for the language by handling it with great care, spelling and choosing words precisely to present the best possible example to those learning the Cree language. We also want to offer the comfort of consistency and predictability to those who know the language but are only now learning to read, so we try to ensure that the words we write are also easy to find in the itwêwina online dictionary. In English book publishing, this kind of care is an essential prerequisite for everything else. Why should Cree receive anything less?

We are grateful to Orca for welcoming our participation in their publishing and editorial process to help ensure these Plains Cree books reflect the highest standards for schools teaching and readers learning Standard Roman Orthography (SRO).

In the gallery below, click on the link to go to Orca where you may order any of these titles directly. Some can even be ordered as audiobooks, narrated in Cree by Dolores Greyeyes Sand. 

*Apologies for an earlier version of this post that went off incomplete and had to be briefly withdrawn

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