okāwīsimāw omēkiwin askīhkānihk ohci/Auntie’s Rez Surprise (y-dialect)

Brand new: released 19 September 2023! Another Cree dual-language book for kids from Second Story Press in Plains Cree and English. This one, written by Heather O’Watch, illustrated by Ellie Arscott, and translated by our own Dorothy Thunder celebrates Indigenous Aunties and Rez Dogs. Here’s how they describe it:

Auntie always greets Cree in nēhiyawēwin when she comes for a visit. When Auntie arrives with a surprise gift hidden in her bag, Cree can’t wait to discover what it is. The first clue? It’s from the rez. As Cree tries to figure out what it might be, the bag starts to move!
okāwīsimāw omēkiwin askīhkānihk ohci/Auntie’s Rez Surprise Hardcover – Picture Book, Sept. 19 2023

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