2024 Calendar: Solomon Ratt, y- and th-dialects

The 2024 Calendar is finally ready: all day, every day, all year long!

This post presents the 2024 calendar two ways:

  • As a gallery of 12 images you can scroll through. Click on each image to see it full size.
  • As a PDF file to download and print for your own use. You can:
    • Click here to download (file opens in a new tab)
    • Or: Scroll down to the grey PDF bar, and click on the file folder icon. It looks like this:
      • The file gets downloaded to your Download directory. (It can go quickly: you may not even notice!)
    • PDF pages are set to print on legal size paper (8.5×14″)
    • We suggest asking the printer for 24lb paper, and for spiral binding across the top.

Each year, we design and present our calendar as a gift for users to download at no charge (so long as it’s not used for profit). We’re don’t have the time or staff to handle print runs, orders, payments and shipping.
Instead, we focus our energy on supporting Cree language reclamation and revitalization through free resources like just this one. If you’d like to help us help, we’d welcome your donation.

Audio/Pronunciation Guide:

Scroll down to find audio files that support reading and pronunciation.

Months (y-dialect)

Days (y-dialect)

Months (th-dialect)

Days (th-dialect)

Moon Phases (the same in both dialects)

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