kāmwāci tipiskāw / Silent Night (y-dialect, audio)

(from Dolores Sand’s CD, manitowi-kîsikâw)

kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw
kāmwātan, wāsēyāw
Mary mīna manitow awāsis
awāsis ē-kiyāmēwisit
wētinahk na-nipāw

kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw
anōhc nihtāwikiw

kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw
miyinān miyotēhēwin
mina kita-sākihitāhk
anohc ē-nihtāwikit

8 Responses

  1. Brings back memories of Hornepayne Ontario
    My late wife and I pastored there
    Of our Christmas Eve services

  2. Fond memories of Chief Taylor who gave me a bow and arrows he made, when I was a
    child in Hornepayne in the 40s.

  3. Is there somewhere I could find the pronunciation for verse 2 or 3? I would like to do this song with my school’s Christmas choir this year, but am having trouble how to phonetically say the words in Cree.

    1. Hi Ashley, Dolores Sand’s audio file (embedded in this blog post) includes all three verses as provided in SRO here. When we use standard spelling for Cree (which we call SRO), each letter corresponds to one specific sound. You can find letter-by-letter pronunciation guides here: https://creeliteracy.org/2022/03/02/vowel-and-consonant-sounds-2022/
      Knowing how each letter sounds in SRO is usually easier than trying to make up “phonetic” spelling. Hope this helps!

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