Good news for Valentine’s Day! Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

oskinîkiw: î-pî-nitomiskwîmitân awa kitânis.
ᐅᐢᑭᓃᑭᐤ:   ᐄ ᐲ ᓂᑐᒥᐢᑹᒥᑖᐣ ᐊᐘ ᑭᑖᓂᐢ᙮
Young dude: I have come to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage.

kisîyinîw: î-mwayî-kîsasiwâtamân kîspin ôma ka-mitho-wîcîwihtonânowin nîkân wîhtamawin kinîkihokwak owîhthowiniwâwa, kohkom ikwa kimosôm owîhthowiniwâwa, kôcâpânak owîhthowiniwâwa, kitâniskotâpânak owîhthowiniwâwa, kihcâniskocâpâmak owîhthowiniwâwa. ikos-îsi nika-kihcinâhon îkâ î-wâhkômitoyîk.ᓈᐲᐤ:    ᐄ ᒷᔩ ᑮᓴᓯᐚᑕᒫᐣ ᑮᐢᐱᐣ ᐆᒪ ᑲ ᒥᖪ ᐑᒌᐏᐦᑐᓈᓄᐏᐣ ᓃᑳᐣ ᐑᐦᑕᒪᐏᐣ ᑭᓃᑭᐦᐅᑿᐠ ᐅᐑᐦᖪᐏᓂᐚᐘ, ᑯᐦᑯᒼ ᐃᑿ ᑭᒧᓲᒼ ᐅᐑᐦᖪᐏᓂᐚᐘ, ᑰᒑᐹᓇᐠ ᐅᐑᐦᖪᐏᓂᐚᐘ, ᑭᑖᓂᐢᑯᑖᐹᓇᐠ ᐅᐑᐦᖪᐏᓂᐚᐘ, ᑭᐦᒑᓂᐢᑯᒑᐹᒪᐠ ᐅᐑᐦᖪᐏᓂᐚᐘ᙮ ᐃᑯᓰᓯ ᓂᑲ ᑭᐦᒋᓈᐦᐅᐣ ᐄᑳ ᐄ ᐚᐦᑰᒥᑐᔩᐠ᙮
Old dude: Before I consider if this will be a good match tell me your parents’ names, your grandparents’ names, your great-grandparents’ names, your great-great-grandparents’ names and your great-great-great-grandparents’s names. That way I can be sure you are not cousins.


mâmaskâc nîcimos. namôya kiwâhkômitonaw!
ᒫᒪᐢᑳᐨ ᓃᒋᒧᐢ᙮ ᓇᒨᔭ ᑭᐚᐦᑰᒥᑐᓇᐤ!
Young dude to his sweetheart: Fabulous, sweetheart! We’re not related!

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Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, launched in 2010 with the goal of creating Cree language literacy materials suitable for use by learners of all ages.
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