miyo-sâkihitowin-kîsikanisik 2019! Talking Hearts

Ever wonder what those little candy hearts might say if they were written in Cree?  Solomon Ratt knows all kinds of sweet nothings (!) but I opted to keep this G-rated for classroom use.  😉
Maybe there’s even a classroom activity in this!

Audio from Solomon Ratt added (February 2020)

môcikihtâtânlet's have fun
kisâkihitinI love you
âmiy! Awwww!
nitôtêmmy friend
pê-âkwaskitinincome hug me
kiya êkwa niyayou and me
kikicimâkinâkosinyou're cute
pê-ocêmincome kiss me
no image (yet)astamcome here
no image (yet)awâsgo away
no image (yet)piko îspihkany time
no image (yet)kimiyosinyou are beautiful
no image (yet)kiwihkimâkosinyou smell nice
no image (yet) - and maybe not for kids! I desire youkitakâwâtitin
no image (yet) - and maybe not for kids! pakitinamawinlet me have my way with you

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