Eugene Cardinal: In Memoriam

Thanks to Viper Nayawatic for sharing his video of late Eugene Cardinal (below), singing the Cree Sunrise Song. It’s a lovely way to honour our late Elder who left us in January of this year, after giving so much to Cree language and culture as resident Elder at Blue Quills College.

At the time of Eugene’s passing, Viper wrote: “I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet this man he was a good man with a kind heart and a voice that would make everyone sit quietly. I tried to visit him every morning at school, sure going to miss my friend.”

A personal obituary can be found at

We at Cree Literacy were honoured to meet Eugene, too. The photo above was taken in the midst of the 47th Algonquian Conference in Winnipeg in October 2015. Eugene sat down to enjoy a good book written entirely in Cree (in SRO) by the late Dr Freda Ahenakew. Learn more about the book itself here.

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