Stay home: Learn Cree 11. About Smudging

While we’re all in isolation, we’re going to try to post one video a day from Sol’s existing teaching library, and the teaching libraries of some of his friends. Like Sasquatch himself, Solomon Ratt has experience with self isolation. Who better to help out with online Cree lessons for remote learning?  

Today we’ve got three examples of kâkîsimowina: prayers or meditations for smudging.

For the very young:

The first video is a prayer simple enough for a pre-schooler, and features Darryl Chamakese’s  fine young son. 

sawêyiminân, sâkihinân, kanawêyiminân…ayhay..
mâmawi-ohtâwîmâw kinanâskomitinân…
Bless us, Love us, Protect us… Thank you. 
Father of all, we are grateful to you. 

For older children:

This meditation (with printable graphic) is suitable for older children. Provided thanks to Pearleen Kanewopasikot.

For adult beginners, ready to level up:

This third example (audio only), is more of a master class, thanks to the interpretation of Dolores Greyeyes Sand and editorial help (and reading) from Solomon Ratt. 

For people brought up in nêhiyaw tradition, smudging is a deeply personal act that needs no discussion. This post is offered to others who are striving to build Cree tradition into their personal lives.

This piece, which we might consider a text or prayer, was composed initially in English, and presented in the Facebook group Walking the Talk, A Sacred Responsibility.

nimiyâhkasikân niskîsikohk isi ta-wâpahtamân kâ-isi-miywâsik askiy, êkosi nikakî-wâpahtên kâ-isi-miyosicik ayisiniwak mîna nîsta.I bring the smoke up over my eyes so that I can see the true beauty of the world, so that I can see beauty in others and in myself.
nimiyâhkasikân niskiwanihk isi ta-pasoyân ka-oskimâkwahk askiy mîna nimawimostamawâwak kahkiyaw ayisiyiniwak kâ-pimohtêcik ta-kihcêyihtahkik.I bring the smoke up over my nose so that I can smell the freshness of Mother Earth and pray that all those who walk upon her, do so in sacred manner.
nimiyâhkasikân nitônihk isi ta-kisêwâtisiyân mîna ta-sâkihowêyân ispîhk kâ-pîkiskwêyân.I bring the smoke up over my mouth so I can speak with kindness and love.
nimiyâhkasikân nihtawakâhk is ta-natohtamân kisêwâtisiwin ohci.I bring the smoke up over my ears so that I can hear with compassion.
nimiyâhkasikân ispimihk nistikwânihk isi êkâ ta-pakitêyimisoyân mâka ta-mâmitonêyihtamân ka-isi-kistêyimakik kahkiyaw ahcahkwak.I bring the smoke up over the top of my head so that my thoughts are not self-defeating, but instead honour my spirit and others spirits’ as well.
nimiyâhkasikân nêstakâhk isi ta-miskamân nisôhkisiwin mîna sîpihkisiwin êkosi ta-sôhkêyimisoyân, ê-kiskêyihtamân ê-sâkihit kisê-manitow.I bring the smoke over my hair so that I am connected to my inner strength and resiliency so that I can walk with confidence, knowing that I am loved by Creator.
nikisîpêkinicihcân miyâhkasikanihk ta-manâcihowêyân mîna ta-kistêyihtamâkêyân.I wash my hands with the smoke so that I touch with respect and honour.
nimiyâhkasikân nispitonihk isi ta-sâkihitowêyân.I bring forth smoke over both my arms so that I can use them to convey love.
nimiyâhkasikân misiwê nimiyâhk ta-kanâcihisoyân, ta-nahihtamân kiskinwahamâkosiwin, ta-miyo-pimâcihoyân.I bring the smoke all over the front of my body and down my back to purify my energy so that I am open to the teachings that are meant to enhance my journey.
nimiyâhkasikân nihcâyihk ta-tapahtêyimisoyân, ta-miyo-pimohtêyân nitâniskoc-wâhkômâkanak ôtê nîkân ohci.I bring the smoke downward towards my feet so that I can walk in humility and that my footsteps are guided to making a positive difference to the next seven generations.
nimiyâhkasikân nêwayak itêhkê ta-kistêyimakik nitâniskoc-wâhkômâkanak.I bring smoke up to my heart four times to represent the Four Sacred Directions in honour of my Ancestors.
nimiyâhkasikân ta-nanâskomoyân.I smudge in gratitude.

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