Essential Phrases at Home: Solomon Ratt (y-dialect)

We prepared this collection of essential phrases for families at home in March 2020, but they’re worth sharing again as families settle into another school year. Our inspiration came from Charlie Venne’s “Simple Commands in Woodlands Cree.” 

Sol and I expanded Charlie’s list to include: 

  • What we say to children (or anyone, really) 
  • What parents (or caregivers) say to children 
  • What children say (Things kids are gonna be saying anyway, so they may as well learn to say them in Cree)
  • Click to download this EssentialPhrases PDF. You might like to have it as you read along, or stick to the fridge as a handy reference!) 
  • Scroll down for video.

Of course, this selection is only a sample of the endless real-life list. Sol no sooner had the list recorded than somebody thought of more. namôya niya! It wasn’t me! 

Special thanks to Destiny Bison for allowing us to share this photo of the Bison family – all dressed up for a special occasion – as our “poster kids”! 

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